22nd Orphan Car Show in Branson, MO

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The Ozark Trails Chapter of the Studebaker Driver's Club invite you to join us for our 22st Orphan Car Show to held on September 08 & 09, 2017 in Branson, MO.  The Orphan Car Show is a gathering where owners can make or renew old friendships.  It is not a "judged" meet, so people can enjoy themselves in a more friendly setting.

For any who don't know, "Orphan Cars" are historic automobiles whose parent companies have disappeared from the American scene--great marques like Hudson, Studebaker, Kaiser, Packard, Nash, Willys, Crosley, Graham, Hupp, Auburn, REO, Essex, Cord, Terraplane, DeSoto, Edsel, LaSalle, and many others.  More recent "Orphans" include AMC, Plymouth, Oldsmobile, Mercury and Pontiac.  These marques are welcome, but to keep the "vintage flavor", we ask participation of pre-1985 vehicles only.

Pre-registration is encouraged monetarily so the event organizers can get an accurate car count for hotel management and display area layout.  Additional registration forms can be obtained by contacting:

  Gary Sanders  [email protected]

  Skip Holmberg [email protected]

On-site registration will begin at 9:00am at the Angel Inn on both Friday and Saturday.  Look for the large Ozark Trails banner at the entrance to Angel Inn on Shepherd of the Hills Expressway. 

Hotel reservations can be made be calling the Angel Inn in Branson, MO at 417-334-2300.  The room rate for Orphan Show attendees is $56.00 per day plus tax, please advise the reservations you are part of the Orphan Car Show .  Again, be sure to make reservations early to assure getting a room.      

Event Activities:

Friday Registration, "Valve Cover Racing" practice

Friday Evening 7pm-10pm Live music provided by Rick Crites and The Country Liners

Saturday Sept 09, 2017  Card Making Class in the Convention Hall 11am

 " Valve Cover Racing"  No Entry Fee, just build a racer, rules below.  3pm


• Valve cover must be a V-8, straight 6, V-6, 4-cylinder, or Corvair; and be of American manufacture.

• Wheels must be affixed to solid suspension only. No springs or shocks.

• No moving parts except for wheel rotation.

• Outside width of completed racer cannot exceed 10.5 inches.

• Total length of racer cannot exceed 30 inches.

• Wheels cannot extend beyond the front or rear of valve cover.

• Four wheels contacting the track are mandatory; no more, no less.

• Wheels cannot exceed 4 inches in diameter.

• Racer may be painted or decorated in any manner.

• Race weight cannot exceed 10 pounds.

• All weights must be fixed and securely mounted.

• No liquid filled weights.


. This is a drag race.

. Gravity race, no propulsion of any kind.

. Practice run will be allowed.

. Top three racers will be awarded a trophy.